Third Grade Discipline Plan

  1. Verbal Reminder, or "The Look"

  2. Student will move clip to "Think About It."
    At this point, student will complete a "think sheet" and miss five minutes of their next recess. We will conference together to determine how to fix the issue.

  3. Student will move clip to "Make Better Choices."
    Student will miss all of their next recess and will write a detailed note to Mr. Kreifels explaining the problem.

  4. Student will move clip to "Parent Contact"
    Student will visit one-on-one with Mr. Kreifels and parent will be notified via email.

  5. If problem continues, parents will be contacted immediately by telephone.

Exceptional behavior will be recognized by the student moving their clip to "Outstanding." Depending on the circumstances, special privileges will be rewarded such as "skip one homework problem" or extra recess.

It is important to note that no matter what happens in a school day, each student will begin every day in a positive manner with their clip placed at "Ready to Learn."


*If you have any questions about our Third Grade Discipline Plan, please feel free to contact Mrs. Luebbe or Mr. Kreifels. We are happy to hear your questions or concerns!


   In our Third Grade Classroom, we will work hard and have fun while we learn. As our year begins, each student will encounter some review of skills learned during the second grade year. We will "speed up" as the year progresses, learning new things in no time! In addition to reviewing academic skills, each student will also review Saint Joseph's discipline plan. In Third Grade, our plan will consist of a clip chart (see below).

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